Automation Integration

Both the wireless as the ethernet modules can be natively integrated into Home Assistant and in Domoticz. In other Domotica Automation I haven’t tested it yet.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant has native support for all my modules, both wireless and ethernet. On their integrations page you can find the “DSMR Slimme Meter” section where exactly is described how to configure the module.

# Example configuration.yaml entry for remote (TCP/IP, i.e., via ser2net) connection to host which is connected to Smartmeter
  - platform: dsmr
    port: 23
    dsmr_version: 5

    name: Meter readings
      - sensor.energy_consumption_tarif_1
      - sensor.energy_consumption_tarif_2
      - sensor.energy_production_tarif_1
      - sensor.energy_production_tarif_2
      - sensor.gas_consumption


Domoticz has also native integration for my modules. Yet the documentation is not as good as it is from Home Assistant, at least, not that I could find. After some Googling I found out that it is actually quite simple. See below screenshots:


Another Domotica software which is quite popular is openHAB. Now I’m not that familiar with openHAB and haven’t worked with it conjunction with my modules. Though I will do is quite soon to see how to integrate it. DSMR is supported, yet only via a serial connection (P1 usb cable).

An example configuration would be like (see their documentation):

Bridge dsmr:dsmrBridge:myDSMRDevice [serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0"] {
        device_v5 dsmrDeviceV5 [channel=-1]
        electricity_v5_0 electricityV5 [channel=0]

Now there is a workaround for that, I think. I havent tested it yet. There is a way to add a pseudo tty device with socat. Once socat is installed, a service can be created to automatically create the pseudo tty:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/socat.service 

ExecStart=/usr/bin/socat -U pty,link=/dev/virtualcom0,raw tcp:


Yet, this I haven’t tested it yet…


Homey has a large application support, yet I couldn’t find any support for ip-based serial devices. There are some projects on GitHub where you can make devices like a Raspberry Pi read out the data and push it to Homey via an API. Yet no native support unfortunately…