Delayed: large stock order

I’ve received many e-mails with questions when the SlimmeLezer will be on stock again. I had a large amount of version with external antenna to sit out the delay. Yet unfortunately that stock is also shrinking to zero…

Delayed customs

The order should have arrived long before the stock became empty. My shipment has been randomly selected for inspection. I’ve delivered all the documentation, VAT number, VAT exempt registration, everything. The downside of an inspection means it can take up to 90 days before the have to release it.

First 30 days have already passed and still no answer. FedEx can’t help as the Dutch Customs is a government department and apparently you cannot contact them, yay!

New orders

I’m not risking 60 more days of not having stock, so I reorder it and that will, hopefully, arrive within 3~4 weeks. Luckily my manufacturer is able to give my new orders some priority to speed up the proces.

Hopefully my shipment will be released within a few days so I can fulfill the waiting orders 😌