I’ve been running DSMR-reader from Dennis Siemensma now for more than a year and I’m quite enthusiastic about it. On my docker server it’s running in a container from Bram van Dartel (xirixiz). Because it’s running in a container, it is easy to maintain/upgrade and/or install it on any computer with docker on it.

At this moment I’m running one of the latest version, v3.11. I have to use my socat trick to create a pseudo tty device, to connect to one of my devices. This is working absolutely fine, yet I was wondering if there was an option to connect via an websocket instead of an usb cable. So about two weeks ago I contacted Dennis Siemensma via GitHUB for this request. And guess what: yesterday version v4.1.0 is released with this feature request added:

Waiting for the docker-container

Now the new release is ready, it’s a matter of time before this awesome release will be available for docker. I’ve worked with the new version on my test server and works like a charm. Yet in my production environment, everything is running in a container. I guess I have to be patience until it’ll be available on docker 🤓