News and updates


In the weeks 33/34/35/36 (14th August – 10th September) I’m on vacation. During this period I’m almost not able to process orders and emails. All placed orders during this time will be picked up starting end of week 36. Same for all email.

Knowledge database

I receive many emails with questions about configs and how to use it in certain countries, regions and meters. I cannot answer all those questions as I don’t have those meters to test.

Therefore I’m asking you to send/share your configs for meters outside the Netherlands to me so I can build a large database with known working configs.

Please send me your config, obviously stripped from personal info like passwords 😉 , together with where you live, what meter you have, which energy provider etc. to the email address: configs[at]zuidwijk[dot]com.

With those data we can build up a knowledge base, which I’m intending to place on GitHub (without any links to the owner).