New project: ongoing … Active P1 Splitter

In the last few months I’ve made over 40+ P1 modules. Each module I’ve sent to the customer is fully tested on my own P1 meter. That means each time I have to disconnect my own, to connect the to-be-tested module. Now I’m lazy and don’t like to connect my own module each time (read: I just want to make/start a new project 😂). So I figured I wanted a splitter of which each port acted like a P1 interface.

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New improved P1 Wemos (WiFi) design

After making several Wemos D1 model, I started to thinking… “Should I’ve done that different..?”. I made a jumper selector on it, as a safety that when powered via USB, that power couldn’t go into the P1 port. One of the first test with a diode wasn’t that stable due to a too low power drop. And as my stash pcb’s where shrinking, I thought to fix this and make it better.

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P1 to ethernet

For a long time I’ve used the common P1-USB cable which can be connected to a Raspberry Pi or any other computer. Since the last changes in my network and server setup, I had no server in the meter cupboard. Everything moved to my new office. So it was time to read out the P1 smart meter via the network. This can easily be done via an ESP32/ESP8266 over the WiFi, yet I like to connect as much via wire as possible. So the new challenge started …

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