SlimmeLezer WT32-ETH01

30,00 excl. vat

Supported DSMR: 2/3/4/5 (ESPHome based)
P1 powered (parasitair, DSMR 5 only, unless BT and/or WiFi is used, than it needs USB power)
USB powered (DSMR 2/3/4)
RJ12 Cable included (50cm)

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If you want to order with case

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There’s now an option to order a case for the WT32. If you want to download it yourself, you can download it at Printables (together with all other cases).


I have all information on my GitHub page:

Default yaml
The default yaml code I use is here.

Serial pin for data
In the middle left you see the RXD and TXD for serial communication. Only the RXD is used as DSMR is an oneway communication protocol.

  id: uart_dsmr
  baud_rate: 115200
  rx_pin: GPIO5
  rx_buffer_size: 1700

And for the DSMR the id: uart_dsmr is used:

  uart_id: uart_dsmr
  id: dsmr_instance
  max_telegram_length: 1700

Ethernet pins for ESPHome
The following settings are used in case of using ESPHome:

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO0_IN
  phy_addr: 1
  power_pin: GPIO16