Smart Doorbell

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The successor of the previous doorbell v2.0.

ESPHome based doorbell preflashed with ESPHome firmware.

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This doorbell is the successor of the previous version doorbell v2.0. It is 100% assembled and has now an ESP32 (ESP32-WROOM-32E) onboard.

The doorbell has 3 connectors to make a “dumb” classic doorbell smart:

  1. Power: here goes the power from the doorbell transformator (AC/DC 40 volts max)
  2. Bell: here goes the doorbell (the input power goes via the relay to this connector)
  3. Switch: here goes the push button placed at the door (note: the push button cannot contain light)

Technical information

These are the used GPIO’s:

  • GPIO4: switch input, active pulled up. Directly connected to the switch connector and triggered via connection to ground.
  • GPIO5: relay output

Support page

For flashing or more details, click here.