P1 to ethernet

For a long time I’ve used the common P1-USB cable which can be connected to a Raspberry Pi or any other computer. Since the last changes in my network and server setup, I had no server in the meter cupboard. Everything moved to my new office. So it was time to read out the P1 smart meter via the network. This can easily be done via an ESP32/ESP8266 over the WiFi, yet I like to connect as much via wire as possible. So the new challenge started …

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Installing docker and docker-compose on a Raspberry Pi 4

RPi 4 with PoE HAT

After using docker on several Raspberry Pi’s and on my main home-server, I wanted to add som more power to my test environment. So I bought the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 with an overpriced power adapter: PoE HAT. It costs about 225% of the regular power adapter. Yet as all my switches are equipped with PoE, makes this a lot nicer and cooler to use #nerdmode.

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Defect Tuya Smart Plug

After I bought my house a while ago, I wanted to get more grip on my electricity usage. I knew it was higher than average, as I’ve got several equipment running 24/7. I had some z-wave power plugs to monitor some device, yet not al off them. I know someone from tweakers.net, quindor, who’s created his own WiFi LED dimmer. Recently I saw some of his videos about cheap energy meters running on esphome. He wrote a blog about it.

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