Installing docker and docker-compose on a Raspberry Pi 4

RPi 4 with PoE HAT

After using docker on several Raspberry Pi’s and on my main home-server, I wanted to add som more power to my test environment. So I bought the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 with an overpriced power adapter: PoE HAT. It costs about 225% of the regular power adapter. Yet as all my switches are equipped with PoE, makes this a lot nicer and cooler to use #nerdmode.

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Defect Tuya Smart Plug

After I bought my house a while ago, I wanted to get more grip on my electricity usage. I knew it was higher than average, as I’ve got several equipment running 24/7. I had some z-wave power plugs to monitor some device, yet not al off them. I know someone from, quindor, who’s created his own WiFi LED dimmer. Recently I saw some of his videos about cheap energy meters running on esphome. He wrote a blog about it.

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