The SlimmeLezer+ uses a CH340 chip, which needs a driver. That can be downloaded here.

If you’re using my previous SlimmeLezer, the chance might be that you need another driver. About 90% is using the CH340 chip, yet some Wemos’s come with a CP210x chip. That driver can be downloaded here.

How does it works?

  1. Make sure you’ve the right driver installed (see text above)
  2. Connect the SlimmeLezer to the computer via a proper USB cable (one which does power and data! Some cables are for charging only and don’t pass through data).
  3. Open this page via Chrome or Edge browser and click on below button (the one you want to install).

That’s about it, in a nutshell…

<< use this button to install esp-link

If you don’t see the buttons, than you’re not using Chrome or Edge browser…

After flashing esp-link, you can connect it to your wireless network via this link.