Smart Doorbell

This page is for flashing the esphome doorbell (v2) and smart-doorbell (v3). It also provides all the needed information and specifications.


For both the old as the new version, you can use the button below. This will detect if it is the new (esp32) or older (esp8266) one.

Connect to your wireless network

There are 3 ways to connect the doorbell to your network:

  • Captive Portal: When the doorbell isn’t connected to a wireless network, it will broadcast it’s own AP. Connect to that network and a captive portal will be shown. There you can select your network, add password and connect. Note: hidden networks do work, but not via this way. See all details on esphome website: This is required for hidden networks
  • Improv_serial: After flashing it via this webpage, you get the option to add it to your wireless network. I’m not sure yet if hidden networks will work, see above explaination.
  • Own yaml code: Last but certainly not least is the option to use your own code/yaml. There you can add all the details and modify the code/yaml to suite your own needs.

Default YAML code

The latest and most recent configuration for esphome is placed on my GitHub. For the ESP8266 version (v2) click here to go to the yaml. For the latest ESP32 version (v3) click here to see that yaml.

ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker Hub

The Smart Doorbell (v3) uses an ESP32 (ESP32-WROOM-32E). Therefore it’s possible to use it as a Low Energy Tracker Hub. In the default code I’ve disabled it for now, as it doesn’t work right with the captive portal. When the esp32_ble_tracker is set, you can’t connect to it’s AP. Obviously if you’re using your own code/yaml (with I recommend) you can use it.

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