NEW WiFi power measuring plugs

After using the larger Tuya plugs, I knew there where these smaller better looking plugs from NEOCam. After some small research (a.k.a.: Google Search) I found out that these plugs have also the esp82xx chipset. So I ordered some to test these plugs.

So yesterday these plugs arrived after waiting for about 10 days (ordered via Ali, so 10 days is quite fast). I’d like to use the tuya-convert from ct-Open-Sourse on github. This way I don’t have to open each plug.

Now of course I’m going to open at least one, to see what’s inside the plug. The plug can easily be opened by just one screw, which is hidden behind the sticker. You can feel it by rubbing your finger on the sticker. After finding the screw and opening up the plug, I could see the chip. The only visible text was ESP and some numbers under it. Yet with the right light angle, I still could manage to read the type: ESP8266EX.

Now I’m not intended to dismember the whole plug (yet). But I did found someone who did: Euer Andreas. On his website he has modified the plug with tasmota firmware on it. As I’m using his photos, all the credits goes to this guy of course.

Next steps is to figure out if these plugs are working the same as the other Tuya plugs are. For that I’ll write another blog soon.

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