P1 reader wireless – Wemos v3.0

It was already on my (renewed) website for a few days, yet I didn’t write about it. After designing the new compact wireless reader. The new changes tested in the new compact are now also implemented in the most popular version: P1 reader Wemos.

The use of the second uart, and therefore no more use of a jumper is the only difference (besides a rearrangement of components). Using the second uart has more benefits: less power consuming.

Some of the Wemos Pro’s I used didn’t work on a DSMR 5 meter, it needed extra power. I used those Wemos Pro mainly for DSMR 2/3/4 customers. I had one laying around and got a tip of a customer: use the second uart. Surprisingly after using the second uart, it did worked immediately on the DSMR 5 meter. Reason enough to use it. (Thank you Jaap de Wolff)

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