ESPHome based doorbell v2

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ESPHome based doorbell includes a Wemos D1 mini preflashed with the ESPHome firmware.

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This ESPHome based doorbell is a modified Wemos Relay Shield for D1 Mini with an integrated buck converter to power the Wemos without the need of an external power source.

The doorbell has 3 connectors to make a “dumb” classic doorbell smart:

  1. Power in: here goes the power from the doorbell transformator (AC/DC 40 volts max)
  2. Doorbell: here goes the doorbell
  3. Switch: here goes the push button placed at the door

Firmware precompiled

Case download

You can buy the case as extra option, or download it and print it yourself:

28 reviews for ESPHome based doorbell v2

  1. Martijn (verified owner)

    Excellent little device to make my dumb doorbell a smart doorbell. I made an order on Thursday afternoon and got the package in my mailbox the next day, so I was lucky it was in stock. It’s easy to hook up and for me it is a big advantage to be able to flash new firmware or my own firmware, because I like to tinker with DIY home automation gadgets. The fact that you can power it using the existing power transformer made me buy it almost instantly.

  2. Peter Vindeloo

    Will the previous design still fit in the 3d-printed case? Or do you have a case available for us running on the previous design?

  3. Hans (verified owner)

    Perfect little device! It’s actually quite brilliant. Got a version with not the right firmware but the support from Marcel was great! Had it up and running in to time! Price/Quality ratio is of the charts!

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    Works great. And very vast delivery.

    I have a very old doorbelltrafo 5v 1a (1930s). Can i replace this with a simple 5v adapter 1a (for instance usb charger with the wires directly connected to the device).
    Or do i risk exposing the doorbell switch to electrocution danger, because the circuits are not well seperated?

    • Marcel

      Any “normal” doorbell transformer will work, as long as it is 5v or higher (and below 40v). See here for a simple set.

  5. hendrik

    Will the doorbell still work/ring when the wemos is not working?

    • Marcel

      No, the Wemos is the brain. If the wifi-connection is lost, or Home Assistant is down, than the doorbell will work.

  6. Adam (verified owner)

    Extremely impressed by this little guy. Very easy to set up, once connected I had it up and running and in HomeAssistant in less than a minute. I’m also impressed with the responsiveness. When someone presses the doorbell my automation triggers instantly.

    I also really appreciate the ability to disable the chime (one of the main selling points for me) and still get notified via phone when someone rings the doorbell. Having two young kids, and a neighborhood of kids who like to ding dong dash this is a lifesaver for my sanity.

  7. Andrew (verified owner)

    Solid little device. Build quality and form factor is great. Using the existing AC transformer saved me having to pay an electrician for another solution.

    Took no time to get integrated into my existing Home Assistant environment… press the door bell, get a mobile notification with photo from my CCTV … mute the doorbell when bub is sleeping… lot of value for a simple device. Cheers.

  8. Arjan (verified owner)

    Really Nice device and works almost straight out of the box. First you have to connect the device to the wifi and add the code. After that it’s only connecting the wires and you’re done.

  9. Daniël

    Can I add it to Apple HomeKit?

    • Marcel

      Not directly… yet once added to Home Assistant, than it should be possible.

  10. Johan Vromans

    I’m very interested in this nifty thing. A couple of questions, though.
    First, can I attach other sensors to the Wemos? I currently have a NodeMCU V3 with a DHT22 sensor and it would be nice if I could connect this sensor to the bell Wemos instead.
    Second, is it possible to do run the bell with Tasmota instead of ESPHome? (Not a big issue, it is just that I’m more a Tasmota guy ☺).
    Ratings based on expectations, will adjust when I have one.

    • Marcel

      You can use the unused pins to add things yourself. D5 = switch (pulled up, pull down for trigger) D1/GPIO5 = relay and D5/GPIO14 = switch. Though I’m not that good with Tasmota. So if you can get it properly integrated, please tell me, than I can add it to the website.

  11. Johan Vromans (verified owner)

    De doorbell is in goede orde ontvangen en ik probeer hem aan de praat te krijgen.
    Opgestart, mobiel geconnect aan de ‘doorbell’ AP, mijn wifi ingesteld en gereboot.
    Hij connect met mijn wifi (ik zie een DHCP request langskomen) en ik kan het IP nummer pingen, maar verder?
    Geen web UI of telnet. Alle poorten staan op ignored.
    Zoals gezegd ben ik (nog) niet vertrouwd met ESPhome. Wat moet ik verder doen?

  12. Johan Vromans (verified owner)

    Via de ESPhome integratie van Home Assistant werkt het. Ik ga ermee verder experimenteren.
    Mooi kastje, trouwens!

  13. Johan Vromans (verified owner)

    A writeup of the Tasmota approach:

    • Marcel

      Nice write-up!

  14. Johan Vromans (verified owner)

    Dank je. Jammer genoeg sneuvelde bij de afmontage de Wemos. Geen idee waarom, die dingen zijn over het algemeen behoorlijk solide. Morgen dus even een Wemos transplantatie uitvoeren.
    Is er een reden waarom je de pootjes van de Wemos afwisselend vrouwtje/mannetje monteert?

    • Marcel

      Ja, om het een beetje “dummie proof” te maken, zodat de d1 er maar op één manier op past 😉

  15. Johan Vromans (verified owner)

    I’ve updated the Tasmota writeup with connecting a sensor and lots of images.

    • Marcel

      Nice! I’m updating some pages for support/faq, I’ll be adding your Tasmota stuf and link there too!

  16. Rick

    enig idee wanneer de doorbell weer te bestellen is?

    • Marcel

      Vandaag de esp’s binnen gekregen… moet ze nu voorbereiden. Gok met een weekje.

  17. Thomas

    Heel interessant als vervanging van mijn huidige KlikAanKlikUit oplossing. Ik heb echter een vraag voor ik de bestelling plaats. De oorspronkelijke deurbel bij oplevering van ons huis was een zoemer. Deze was vrijwel niet te horen. Het idee wat ik voor ogen heb is om de ESPHome deurbel te koppelen aan onze huidige domme deurbel. Home Assistant krijgt via de ESPHome deurbel een trigger als er wordt aangebeld. Vervolgens wordt er een geluid afgespeeld via een Aeotec Siren. Is dat mogelijk?

    • Marcel

      Ja, dat moet mogelijk zijn, ik doe iets soortgelijks. Als er bij mij aangebeld wordt, gaat er ook een deurbel op zolder (mijn kantoor) zodat ik deze hoor. Daarvoor gebruik ik ook mijn ESPHome doorbell. Of je nu een deurbel van mij triggered of een andere bel systeem, zolang Home Assistant het kan triggered, kan je het vanaf mijn ESPHome doorbell laten triggeren.

  18. Sander

    Dit is bijna exact wat ik zoek, ik vraag me alleen even af of het in plaats van Wifi ook met MQTT mogelijk is, aangezien de kanalen al vrij vol zij voor wifi.

    • Marcel

      Hoi Sander, voor MQTT heb je een verbinding nodig, hetzij wifi, hetzij ethernet…

  19. Rob Gardien (verified owner)

    De Wemos D1 is helaas gesneuveld bij de montage, geen idee waarom.

    • Marcel

      Had je al contact met me hiervoor opgenomen? Mail me anders op support-at-zuidwijk-dot-com.

  20. Rob Gardien (verified owner)

    Erg tevreden! Na een defecte Wemos D1 een nieuwe opgestuurd gekregen en nu werkt alles perfect!

  21. Rudi Richard Szabo (verified owner)

    After I figured out how the old bell is wired up, the setup was a breeze, (even with the mishap with the wrong firmware on it). Awesome product, thanks a lot! 🙂

  22. Thomas (verified owner)

    Seems like I didn’t do my research before ordering. I don’t have access to the transformator from within my apartment and, afaiu, thus cannot use the device as intended.

    The apartment has a Siedle HT 611-01 intercom installed and I do have access to the (12V~ powered) switch circuit and the doorbell through that. Also, I would be able to power the wemos via usb-c. Is there any constellation that this would work? I could do without the doorbell, if that would be an issue.

    • Marcel

      Please sent me an email to support -at- zuidwijk -dot- com for full details of your situation and I’ll look what the options can be for you.

  23. Sandervg (verified owner)

    Great device, easy to install. Is it possible to let the chime ring from home-assistant. For example as an alarm?

  24. William Hedrick (verified owner)

    Perfect little device. The only problem I had was fishing the wires back through to the bell, because whoever built my house didn’t align them, of course that has nothing to do with this device. I used a modified version of the yaml from the github and it works exactly the way I wanted. No more kids pushing the doorbell 100 times to get our attention! No more dogs going nuts when my kids are down for a nap!

    I was in the process of making my own ESP doorbell when I came across this and it was 100% worth the money and the wait. The board is put together really well and compactly, which my pieces cobbled together would not have been. The case that came with it was beautiful as well. It’s a shame it’s up in the attic where nobody can see it!

  25. Toby

    Any idea when back in stock?

  26. Harm

    Hi Marcel,

    Any idea when the doorbell will be back in stock?

  27. derRalf

    Hi Marcel,
    very nice device. Do you know, when it will be back in stock or is the pcb layout with the components somewhere available?

    • Marcel

      It’s now replaced for v3 🙂

  28. Hans Thole (verified owner)

    Hallo Marcel, is er een manier om de doorbell v2 te integreren in domoticz. ik had verwacht dat er een esp-link firmware beschikbaar zou zijn voor de doorbell maar kan het niet vinden. zou je mij op weg kunnen helpen? alvast bedankt

    • Marcel

      Je zou kunnen kijken naar tasmota. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van twee gpio’s; 1 voor triggering en 1 voor de relay aan te sturen. Deze gpio’s kan je terug vinden in de yaml van esphome.

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