ESPHome based doorbell

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There is a new version: ESPHome Doorbell v2.0

ESPHome based doorbell includes a Wemos D1 mini preflashed with the firmware.

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This ESPHome based doorbell is a modified Wemos Relay Shield for D1 Mini with an integrated buck converter to power the Wemos without the need of an external power source.

The doorbell has 3 connectors to make a “dumb” classic doorbell smart:

  1. Power in: here goes the power from the doorbell transformator (AC/DC 40 volts max)
  2. Doorbell: here goes the doorbell
  3. Switch: here goes the push button placed at the door


For a case, please look here:

15 reviews for ESPHome based doorbell

  1. maesenator

    I know absolutely nothing about electricity or doorbells 🙂
    Currently I have a very simple doorbell. It uses a push button (puls schakelaar) and a bell. In between there is just a simple (what I believe to be) converter. Please look at this picture:
    At the moment, the bell will sound for as long as the button is pressed. A lot of the times people press the button for shorter than 1s. I currently use a z-wave door sensor and stuck it to the converter using sticky tape. This works because of the magnetic field but it often doesn’t trigger on short presses.

    Could you tell me if this product will work for me and if the short button presses are an issue? Thanks!

    • Marcel

      That looks as the perfect setup! A simple transformer, simple doorbell and simple push button. As long as the voltage is below 40-ish volt, it should work! I’ve programmed my doorbell that every push, wil ring the bell 3 times. You can choose anything you like! You could also choose as-is … push on the button is the bell ringing (same as you have now).

  2. Ron (verified owner)

    Works like it should, easy to install! Just a casing would have been nice, as now it’s just dangling there 🙂
    Had to wait a bit for the delivery, but that wasn’t an issue for me, thanks Marcel!

  3. Marc

    Will there be an ethernet version of the doorbell available?
    I prefer to use ethernet, as these devices can better be on ethernet and keep wifi free for other devices.

    • Marcel

      I can have a look for that…. Not on short terms… maybe by the end of the year.

  4. Nick Smolders

    Works as advertised. Easy to install, nice packaging and fast delivery. Thanks Marcel!

    • Marcel

      You’re most welcome Nick 🙂

  5. Philippe

    HI Marcel, just ordered 2 ethernet P1 but would like to have the esp doorbell too… any idea when they will be available ?
    (sorry to place this here but i did not find a direct contact email ..)

    • Marcel

      No problem Philippe, it looks like I can make another 4. Yet I dont see an order from you… is that right?

  6. Mahmood Shafeie Zargar (verified owner)

    I have been searching for this for about a year now. Of course I could try to build it myself, but never had the time. And here it is so neatly designed as a hat with functioning firmware. It couldn’t be better. I look forward to getting a second one as well as a meter reader once they are back in stock! Hope that happens soon.

    • Marcel

      Yeah soon Mahmood, I’m working on a batch which will arrive soon.

  7. Bastiaan

    Is it possible to connect a 2-wire camera (with bell button/switch on it) instead of a normal switch at the door?
    I have a camera with a button that just needs to be fed with the power from the bell transformer over these 2 wires.

    Info on wiring as they supply:

    • Marcel

      No, that’s not going to work unfortunately … thats a whole other setup.

  8. Mike van Sighem

    Rencently I received mu slimme lezer. Very happy with that one! Will you be restocking the doorbell as well?

    • Marcel

      Yes, working hard on that 🙂

  9. James Blick

    Will the doorbell support the noise encryption protocol when sending messages over the network out of the box or is this available as a firmware update?

    • Marcel

      The default code is preflashed on it, see GitHub. Obviously you can add any (supported) code you want on the esp8266 🙂

  10. Javier (verified owner)

    Hello Marcel
    I’ve been looking a doorbell like this for weeks and finally found it. Just bought one.
    I intend to use it with my HA setup but I’m new in ESPHome thingy, I still can’t get to understand how is my HA connecting to the doorbell. I’m guessing with wi-fi but then I should connect to the ESPHome board and configure it to connect to my wi-fi?


    • Marcel

      Hi Javier, yes, the esp contains esphome with captive portal to connect to your wifi. Once connected, you can integrate it in Home Assistant the way you want 🙂
      Please reply my email by the way, I’ve got a question about your address 😉

  11. Patrick

    Hey Marcel, Is er een mogelijkheid dat deze deurbel weer in stock komt? Zou er graag 1 willen.

    • Marcel

      Ja ik ga zo een bericht plaatsen 🙂

  12. Bas (verified owner)

    Love the solution. Programmed some own code in the Wemos to make it native MQTT compatible. Is there some 3d print file available to house the solution in?

  13. Fabian (verified owner)

    Hi Marcel,
    Mijn bedrading (vanuit deurbel, chime en transformator) is standaard Byron beldraad. Als ik deze probeer vast te schroeven in de connectoren dan blijven ze niet zitten. Volgens site vd fabrikant vd connectoren (degson) moet er 1.5mm² in. Ik denk dat standaard beldraad te dun is. Heb je een tip hoe ik dit het best op kan lossen (of doe ik iets anders verkeerd)?

    • Marcel

      Weird, ik heb van die hele dunne (soort ouderwetse telefoondraad) draad gebruikt en 0.5mm² … 1,5mm² is way overkill

  14. Fabian (verified owner)

    Okay, ik laat iemand anders er hier nog ff naar kijken (volgens mij gebruiken wij gewoon de zelfde draad) en dan koppel ik het naar je terug.

  15. Bas Meijer

    Quality of materials, packaging, all 5-star! The unit fits SO nicely in the case! Even putting that together is fun to do. Great pro-quality clamping terminals which (by the way) definitely fits all sensible wire gauges that you can could think off.
    Some questions:
    1) I received it pre-flashed with firmware 2021.11.1 and just found out firmware 2021.12.0 is available. But for me this would involve trying to muck about with Docker again which is not my favourite job to do as it did not give me a lot of valuable results in the past. Perhaps just beyond my league, or just difficult because there is no information on my model NAS to be found about the Docker things. So… I wonder if it would be too much to ask to have a web interface with at least just a button to upload firmware, similar to the SlimmeLezer module, for the ones like me that wants to stay away of spending hours of effortless time…?
    2) Would 2021.12.0 offer a lot of benefits over 2021.11.1?
    Many thanks.

    • Marcel

      My advice/suggestion would be:

      Make your own yaml-code in esphome, you can download those from my GitHub.
      Main reason: easier to update to the lastest esphome and make adjustments if needed. And your wifi credentials can (must) be added so you never have to rejoin your wifi after flashing 🙂

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