SlimmeLezer Classic

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Supported DSMR: 2/3/4/5
P1 powered (parasitair, DSMR 5 only)
USB powered (DSMR 2/3/4)
RJ12 Cable included

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This compact P1 DSMR SmartReader is designed with internal single inverter. Therefore no extra settings is required when using other software (esp-link, ESPHome, Arduino). The reader comes by default pre-configured with esp-link.

1 review for SlimmeLezer Classic

  1. Aurelien Dor

    Hello Marcel,

    I placed an order (#3540) for the “SlimmeLezer Classic” on August 26th. It was only available on backorder at that time. However I see that now there are 2 devices in stock and I still don’t have mine. Could you please check if there is something wrong with my order ? Thanks.

    • Marcel

      Hi, no nothing wrong with your order. It’s me who’s way too busy. I’m preparing you order today!

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