Small, smaller, smallst…

Not that it is needed… yet I found the smaller version of the ethernet module E20, and I had to do somerthing with it.

I had seen them before, the E10. Yet money wise, the E20 is a better choice. It’s also easier to solder, as it’s using normal 2,54mm pitch pins. So why did I bought 50 of these small ones?

Well the number one main reason is power efficiency. This small little budy is rated to use 100mA. And that’s the max of what a DSMR 4 P1 port can deliver. I wanted to test if I could pull it of to make an ethernet P1 reader that works on a DSMR 4 meter without an extra power supply.

Unfortunately it won’t power on on my DSMR 4 test meter. I still have to use an external power source. That doesn’t mean these aren’t bad. I actuall do like them a lot, look at this little fellow:

In comparisson to the current “normal” version, it really is a lot smaller:

I have made 40 of these small ones and I will sell them soon as “special limited” edition.