Updates …


Due to my vacation I won’t be able to reply to my mail and request on the website this week and next week. To ensure I won’t be missing any mail, please use support-at-zuidwijk.com for all your requests and support. That’s a seperate mailbox so your mail won’t get confused with my other mail. In October I will pickup all mail.

New stock SlimmeLezer+

Great news! There are 1800 new devices on their way to the webshop. I’ve ordered 600 which will be delivered around the first week of October. I’ve ordered another 1200 which should be delivered arround mid/end October. The demand of these devices have increased enormously so I’ve trippled the order. Please subscribe on the product page to get a notification when they’re placed in the webshop.

New stock ESPHome Doorbell

Today I’ve received the pcb’s for the ESPHome Doorbell, 120 pcs. Those pcb’s will be prepared and tested begin October after my vacation. Please subscribe on the product page to get a notification when they’re placed in the webshop.

P1 Reader Ethernet

I’ve got about 30 modules left to make. And ordered another 100 modules. These should also arrive begin October. Please subscribe on the product page to get a notification when they’re placed in the webshop.

Prototype: SlimmeLezer esp32 with ethernet

In some countries the DSMR is encrypted, like Luxembourg and some other countries. This means the data must be decrypted before you can connect it to Home Assistant. It would be nice if Home Assistant could decrypt the data, yet what I’ve heard from their developers is that that won’t be added and should be done on the device (aka my readers). For the SlimmeLezer+ (wifi) that’s no problem (at least for Luxembourg) as that is implemented in the ESPHome DSMR. Those who want to use ethernet, couldnt use that as the Eport E20 ethernet module doesn’t have that option. Therefore an extra decryption layer in the network was required. I had build a prototype for that early 2022 to use an esp32 with ethernet. Based on the WT32-ETH01 (see more on my github) I’ve build an add-on board:


  • it runs ESPHome
  • it can decrypt data (ESPHome support)
  • it can run any code which is compatible with esp32
  • it has ethernet/wifi/bluetooth (designed for ethernet only)
  • when using ethernet only, it can be powered direct from the P1 port when having DSMR 5


  • when using wifi, it must be powered external via USB-C (for wifi it’s recommended to use the SlimmeLezer+)
  • not cheap, the WT32-ETH01 itself already costs around €15

Do you want it?

I’ve got about 12 prototypes left which I can place in the webshop. I’f the demand is there, I can order more. Please send me an email to support-at-zuidwijk-com if you’re interested.


Last but not least… please use support-at-zuidwijk-com for all requests, questions, issues, etc. I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m missing email (gets read unintentionally and therefore not in my focus anymore). I’ve created a seperate mailbox for support only, there I can create more structure for one purpose only: support 🙂