Got my own webshop πŸ˜ƒ

Finally! I got my own webshop! I was looking for a good solution to streamline and manage the orders. I used to sell my readers only via Tweakers. As it became more and more popular, I got more requests via other channels like Discord, e-mail, my website and other channels.

I read more and more about WooCommerce. If it looks so easy, it probably is. So I installed it and tested it. As I didn’t had a clue how to connect to a pay-system, my intention was to add pre-orders and via that way streamline all requests. Well guess what: the integrated PayPal was so easy to use, I immediately installed it and within a day I got my first order.


Now the shop is there, I can start focus on more Home Automation projects and fill the shop πŸ₯³

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