P1 reader wireless – Wemos v3.1

For a long time I was focused on small, smaller, smallest. How to create an as small as possible footprint/pcb. After a few new test and a lot of not used pcbs in the trash, I’ve figured out that less is not always better. A slightly larger pcb results in an, in my opinion, better design. Slightly larger, slightly thinner…

By stretching the pcb, I managed to create extra space to place the Wemos D1 mini on the top, instead on the bottom. That makes the total design thinner, yet a little larger.

There is no change component wise. It is the same schematically design. Only the component layout and pcb is changed.


  1. Marcel Dijkerman

    Zijn de schema’s van deze ontwerpen ook ergens te vinden? Ik heb nog best een paar onderdelen liggen en wil deze in combinatie met Esphome gaan gebruiken eventueel met een uitbreiding voor mijn analoge watermeter.

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