Got myself a test/develop meter!

As developing and testing my boards and prototypes are done on my own meter, I’m standing a lot in the hallway and not in my office. For quick testing that’s ok. But when developing prototypes and troubleshoot issues, it’s quite annoying. Till Enexis reached out…

Well to be honest, they didn’t exactly reached out… For a whole year I’ve been trying to get my hands on a meter, any DSMR 5 meter. Called different energy companies, contacted my grid company, even called the factory of different brands… some how they’re all very secretive and/or cautious about it.

So I saw a tweet passing by on Twitter from another grid company (from another part of Holland). I reacted and they reacted. After a few private messages they asked me to send a mail to a specific guy who works there. I could get one, If I sign a form that states that it remains their device and I’m only allowed to use it for my projects etc. etc. Well of course I did that, and 2 days later the meter arrived!

Oh boy! My own meter! Okay, it’s not really mine… but boy am I happy with this. Now I can leave a prototype for a long time connected, without sacrificing the logging of my own meter usage.

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