New baby is born!! P1 Ethernet v3.0

For a long time is was thinking about redesign the ethernet P1 reader. I wanted to get rid of the “ugly” jumper on the board. Therefore I’m using a dual anode and common cathode diode to make sure the power between USB and P1 stays separated.

I was playing with the thought of moving the RJ12 header to the other side. Previously designs didn’t have that as I was designing within the limits of 10x10cm (and get as many as possible pcb’s out of each square). While placing the items on de pcb, I saw a opportunity to squeeze the RJ12 header to the other side.

Second thought was to place the components on the outside, which makes it easier repairing if a component would die for some reason (lessons learned with v2.0 using the BS170 which failed several times). Yet that would make it also more vulnerable, so that thought didn’t make it to the final design:

Comparing the v2.2 with v3.0:


  1. Lieven

    Hej Marcel,

    Ben toevallig op je Blog uitgekomen en blijkbaar heb jij het wiel dat ik nodig heb reeds uitgevonden … πŸ™‚

    Zou je mij kunnen contacteren ivm het plaatsen van een bestelling P1 readers.

    Hartelijk dank !

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