USB-C ESP12 Flasher

So 2021 it is, time for some new projects and continue on existing projects. Last project of 2020 included an USB-C ESP12 Flasher, a device to quickly program any ESP12-type without worrying about the rx and tx pins. Last week I received some more components to finish that project.

So I received the pogo pins needed to solder onto the flasher. The idea is simpel: place the header on top of the esp and flash it:

The first thing I noticed is that to connect well, you have to apply a little pressure… and that you feel, the pins sticking in to your skin. Therefore I designed a case in Fusion 360 and did some test prints. The one I really like, is shown below:

It’s quite handy when you need to flash a lot of Wemos, like my P1 reader ☺️☺️


  1. J

    Dear Marcel,

    I couldn’t find any contact details, so I will try it this way..
    Do you happen to sell this ESP-flasher?
    Hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards,

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