Comes with case and ESPHome pre-installed
Supported DSMR: 2/3/4/5
Powered via P1 port (parasitair, DSMR 5 only)
USB powered for older DSMR versions like 4, 3 or 2
RJ12 Cable included ~50cm

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SlimmeLezer integrates your energy meter with P1 port seamlessly into Home Assistant. Plug and play, no coding necessary. It comes pre-installed with ESPHome code. After joining it to your WiFi it will be recognized in Home Assistant and can be added easily.

The SlimmeLezer is designed to work with DSMR/ESMR 5. Working with DSMR 5 means that the Smart Meter can deliver enough power through the P1 port to power the reader. Therefore no extra power adapter is needed to work.

Older Smart Meters with DSMR version 4, 3 or 2 will work to, but will require extra power via the micro usb (not included).

ESPHome based

SlimmeLezer is powered by ESPHome. The code is opensource and can be found on my GitHub page for dsmr.


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