Stock will be filled today (180 pcs)!

The new SlimmeLezer+ will be in stock today! At this moment I’ve got 180 (+ some extra for spare) new full assembled PCB’s on stock. There are 60 more coming within a week. My printers are printing nonstop cases for these pcb’s. There’s already 90+ cases printed and another 90-ish will be printed in next 3 days.

93 complete SlimmeLezer+ with case

The next challenge is to order more to keep the stock filled… Well, easier said than done unfortunately 🙁

At this time the esp12f, the (infamous) RJ12 header and the serial chip CH340C are not on stock, so I can’t order more until that is restocked at JLCPCB. I ordered those for my private stock (nice feature of JLCPCB). Yet the CH340C was canceled due to undeliverable … The next 60 pcs are delivered with a more expensive chip, the CH340B (2,5x more expensive). Because of the chip shortage, I’ve made a 2nd version where the CH340C is replaced by the SIL2102 (6x more expensive), just to be able to deliver.

I’m also in contact with another PCB manufacture to see if they can deliver and what the price will be.

For now I’m able to deliver 180 (+ 60 next week) SlimmeLezer+. There can be a few day’s delay if the orders go faster than my printers.

96x SlimmeLezer without case (90 will be uses, 6 for spare)


  1. Mariano

    Already out of stock already ? I just noticed the email today. 🙁

    Any chance to reserve one ?

    Keep up the good work !!

  2. Patrick Arkenbout

    Late for the third time. Already sold out again. 🙁
    We’ll just try again next time.
    Hopefully due to the shortage of parts, they will be still delivered.

  3. Mariano

    Geez you guys are fast !! Got to the shopping cart and when trying to confirm it thrown an error saying it wasn’t available anymore 😀

    I will just keep spamming F5 I guess hahha 😀

  4. Bart

    Hoi Marcel,

    Heb je een indicatie voor nieuwe voorraad?
    Was er snel bij, maar toch te laat. Hebben scalpers jou ook gevonden? 😛


    1. Marcel

      Ik heb momenteel een order van 300 uit staan en doe er binnenkort nog een extra order van 300 erbij. Heb er momenteel 60 stuks, maar de kwaliteit van JLCPCB is zodanig beroerd, dat ik daarmee in conclaaf ben en ze waarschijnlijk allemaal even moet reflowen (issues met USB, CH340 en soms ESP12). Reken op een maand voor de eerste 300 stuk.

  5. Ton Sips


    Since today my Slimmelezer gives the following error:

    [E][dsmr:137]: !107A
    Checksum mismatch
    [E][dsmr:137]: !2E1D
    Checksum mismatch
    [E][dsmr:137]: !A810
    Checksum mismatch

    Any clue what is causing this?

    1. Marcel

      Hi Matija, your mail was in my spamfolder and I didn’t noticed it. But you already have an answer 😉 I’ll send you a new one!

    1. Marcel

      Yes, I’m shipping with PostNL, DHL and DPD. DPD doesn’t ship to Ukraine. DHL charges €49-ish and PostNL €9,00 without tracking and €18,50 with tracking. I’ve added it to the shipping list.

        1. Marcel

          I’ve just contacted the manufacturer and it seems like the first 600 will be begin October and another 1200 probably mid/end October.

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