Quality issues at JLCPCB

I’ve been working on two orders of each 30 (60 in total). And about 70% of them is not working. Mostly due to bad assembly. As I’m paying them to assemble the pcb’s to save time on my side, I expect them to deliver a good job. Yet they don’t and at this time all they say is “sorry” and “will a coupon of $10 do?”. Thats a big slap in the face for the money I’m paying.

I had another order of 300 on JLCPCB, which I’ve put on hold and most likely will be cancelled if they don’t handle the issue correctly. For me it would be faster soldering the pcb’s my self and that’s just not what I want, as the demand is high.

I am looking for other Manufacturers to make the readers (Pcbway and Pcbgogo) to see if they deliver a better job than JLCPCB.

So I wished I was writing about a new batch of 300+ devices to be on stock soon, unfortunately it will take a little more time…