Time for an update!

Parts were running out, pcbs were running out, best time to look if an update is required…

Of course an update is required! I’ll take any chance te make new pcb’s, so no exceptions were made here.

As the request for my readers are getting bigger, it is time to make some efficiency steps. Previously all boards were hand soldered and that took quite some time to fill op the stock every time. So this time I made no big changes, only a slightly larger pcb with same components and same components.

The larger pcb wasn’t required, yet I thought it looked more nicely, see for yourself:


  1. Jos

    Ik heb een bestelling gedaan, maar zie daar geen bevestiging van ook is dit (nog) niet zichtbaar op mijn CC. Ik heb el gezien dat alles geaccepteerd is.

  2. Ingemar Hansson

    Will this Slimme Lezer work with Landis E360 in Sweden.
    What code is needed to integrate into HomeAssistant.


    1. Marcel

      Hi Ingemar, we have the Landis E360 in Holland and there it works. To be sure, you need to look into the specifications (or point me a link to it). If the P1 port works with DSMR, ESMR or SMR standard, it should work without a problem. In Luxembourg for example, the meters work according the DSMR 5, yet they encrypt the stream, so you need to decrypt that. As far as I know, Lux is the only country to encrypt it.

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