Status update…

Another update,… a lot is going on, yet the production is making progress!!


First of all to all waiting customers (either your order, or an answer on your support request): Sorry!!

I’ve been working very hard the last few days to make sure I can deliver the product as soon as possible. With that, I got a little over my head and couldn’t answer to all you as fast as I normally would have.


I used to make each cable myself, which normally was fine to do. With all the orders, that was taking way too much time. So I’ve ordered custom made cables which probable will be delivered end next week.


I’ve received the first half of the ordered PCB’s and the next half will be delivered probably tomorrow or the day after. With that I’ve got more then enough to make all backorder and more.


About 70% of the ordered Wemos is already delivered and tested and ready to be soldered on their PCB. Even the desperately needed RJ12 headers has been delivered to produce 80% of current backorders.

The product

Today I was able to produce 150 pieces, which will be shipped within the next few days.

Next week I will produce as much as possible to make more waiting customers happy with their SlimmeLezer. I’ve manages to get a week of on work the week after (last week of august). That means I can solder 24/7 to finish the last backorders.

I hope this will make all waiting customers a little more satisfied and clarifies why some have been waiting (too long) for a reply on their requests.

It doesn’t look much, but above photo shows the 150 made, ready to use SlimmeLezers.


  1. Martijn

    Hi Marcel,
    It is awesome to see your project being a great succes!
    I hope you do’nt forget to take a break some times.
    Also be aware that soldering fumes are not the best, so please take care with good ventilation.

    I am patiently awaiting my order and am looking forward to decommisioning my rpi zero W.

    1. Marcel

      Yeah I take my breaks once in a while, but am pushing forward to produce more, I can’t let you all wait too long ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Joakim Nordstrรถm

    Thanks for the frequent updates, great to see the progress and thank you for working so diligently! I look forward to using the little device, just got the service activated by the power company through an OTA update to the meter. Just waiting for the little reader to connect to the P1 port!

    1. Marcel

      Looking forward to place one of my devices in you Happy Smart Home ๐Ÿ™‚ (I like that sentence … ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    1. Marcel

      Hoi Wiljo, dat is in de maak, excuus voor alle vertragingen. Ik probeer mijn tijd voor nu zoveel mogelijk te gebruiken om alle backorders weg te werken.

  3. NickSmolders

    Hoi Mark, enig idee wanneer je weer nieuwe orders kunt aannemen? Zou graag een deurbel van je kopen. Gr Nick

    1. Marcel

      Hey Nick, ik heb de pre-order bewust even uitgezet ivm te veel backorders van de SlimmeLezer. Zodra ik de nieuwe printplaten binnen krijg, kan ik ze maken en update ik mijn voorraad weer ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sevagjb

    als er een manier is om de SlimmeLezer in Nederland te krijgen, hoor ik het graag,
    ik weet dat je het zo druk hebt met het maken van de bestellingen, maar ik probeer contact met je op te nemen
    Dank u

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