Status update, chip shortage, delivery time…

At the first day, the day of the Home Assistant Release Party, the orders where at least 4 times (!!!!) the amount I expected 😳. Now, a few days later, it’s 6 times the amount I’d expected. The first 40 orders shipped the next day, and another 20-ish will ship next Monday. At this moment I’m waiting for 1 critical part which is required for all readers (SlimmeLezer & Ethernet): the RJ12 connector. I’m expecting about 700 mid August. So no shipping before that unfortunately…

Other products and chip shortage

While I was focusing on the SlimmeLezer and Ethernet reader, I didn’t paid attention to the ESPHome Doorbell. I can deliver 75% from the orders as from mid August. I wanted to order more PCB’s to be able to deliver the other 25% too, yet due to chip shortage, the needed PWM DC/DC buck (step-down) regulator (don’t wanna get too technical) is not on stock for at least a month (according to the PCB manufacture). I don’t want to let my customers wait that long. I’ve got that specific part in my own stock. I’ve ordered the pcb’s without that part and will solder the missing part myself on the pcb. Now that will cost me some more time, but I will deliver 😉

Another shortage was the ethernet module for on the Ethernet Reader. There was a shortage on that module till end July. This month, 70 pieces will arrive of which 20 probably next week. That should be enough to deliver all the ethernet orders this month.

Status on hold

Every order I receive has automatically the status “Processing”. That means order is successfully added in the system and the payment has succeeded. Then I change the status to “On hold” until I’m able to deliver.


  1. Dirk Tas


    Thank you for the updated info, I was planning to send you an email to check when my ‘slimme meter’ would be delivered, but now i know it won’t be before mid august.
    continue with the good work!


      1. Dirk Tas

        Hoi Marcel,

        Ik merk dat de ondedelen (toch bepaalde) van de slimme meter toegekomen zijn, mijn order was #2552. Nu lees ik van een andere Belgische gebruiker op de slimme meter pagina dat er problemen zijn met de firmware op de slimme meter in Belgie/Fluvius.

        Ik heb zelf homeassistant draaien met de ESPHome addon en een heleboel devices die op ESPHome draaien, dus het updaten is geen probleem, maar uit je link van de review op de slimme meter pagina maak ik op dat er willicht ook iets aan de ESPhome kant moest veranderen. Kun je me vertellen of dit zo is en indien dit zo is welke versie van ESPHome ik zeker moet hebben.


  2. cskiwi

    Mine is currently on hold. Do you mean I am one of those who will have to wait untill the components are delivered or does this mean you didn’t assembled them yet and when you put them in the mail it changes? Just to know, wasn’t completely clear for me 😉

    1. Marcel

      Hi, yes… on hold means waiting for components, unfortunately… once I’ve got some on stock, I will proceed with first-in-first-out way 🙂

        1. Marcel

          Thanks Glenn, I’m working as fast as I can, yet I’ve got to wait on some parts. Everything is getting prepared, boxes, cases, zip backs, cables etc. To time to delay 😉

  3. Arno

    Thanks for the clear update! I ordered two products to extend my current set-up and they both look like they are worth the longer wait ;-)!

  4. Gerco

    My meter got updated to a DSMR5 yesterday, so now I was interested in a parasited way to send data to my loggers. Currently I use a Pi with a version of ser2net which allows multiple connections to the port, duplicating the data to all subscribers. This allows me to send data simultaneously to Domoticz, DSMR Reader and HomeAssistant. Does the Ethernet Reader allow this as well, or does this allow only a single connection?

    1. Marcel

      Yes indeed Gerco, where esp8266 is limited at connections, the etherent can handle up to 10 (I’ve limited in the config to 5, but you can change that). At this moment I’ve got 3 connections: DSRM-reader, Home Assistant, and some testing stuff. Works like a charm!

  5. Frank Boerman

    ah ik wou al gaan mailen over de status maar dit is heel duidelijk update bedankt! Ik wacht rustig totdat het binnenrolt.

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